What is Better Biomass?

The Better Biomass certification system consists of sustainability requirements, chain-of-custody requirements and rules for certification.


How can I get certified?

The process for being granted a Better Biomass certificate is described in the road map.


Which companies have a Better Biomass certificate?

The register contains all the organizations that have granted the Better Biomass certificate.


Enter the market for sustainable biomass

Better Biomass is an international certification system for solid, liquid and gaseous biomass. The Better Biomass certificate is used to demonstrate the sustainability of the biomass used for energy, fuels or bio-based products. The underlying sustainability criteria have been established in a multi-stakeholder consensus process between private companies, government and civil society organizations and are published in the standard NTA 8080. These criteria cover important values for nature, environment and society (People, Planet, Profit).

Better Biomass is managed by NEN, the Netherlands Standardization Institute, a CEN and ISO member. NEN has an international accreditation as a scheme manager and certification audits are done by accredited independent certifying bodies.

Better Biomass as first certification scheme fully approved concerning SDE+ subsidy for bioenergy

May 3, 2019

The Better Biomass certification scheme has now been fully approved in the framework of the Dutch Decree conformity asse...

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Better Biomass has published updated classification of biomass

April 7, 2019

Better Biomass uses the standard NTA 8003 to classify the biomass categories that may be considered residual flow (also ...

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Better Biomass also receives approval for issuing proof of non-modification of processing

March 20, 2019

Waste and residues are often used as raw material for the production of biofuels. Biofuels have to comply with European ...

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