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NEN is joining World Bio Markets 2018. The congress is held at Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA), on the 20-22 March 2018.

At 3.05pm on Day One, NEN will be part of the Panel Discussion: Achieving Sustainability Targets

  • What does a truly sustainable business model look like?
  • What are the business drivers of adopting bio-based alternatives?
  • How can bio-based contribute towards sustainability metrics such as CO2 reduction and recycling?

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Better Biomass Event – Wednesday 7 June –

Presentation of the Better Biomass Event

Jarno Dakhorst:Better Biomass Day – Updates certification system

Hylko Brandsma: Energy Pellets Moerdijk

Paul Hendrix: Better Biomass Eneco Presentatie

Zoltan Elek: Vortrag Better Biomass

Daniël Pol: ERGar General Presentation – Better Biomass 

Mariël Rouschop: Presentatie QS Certification

Eric Evers: DEKRA Better Biomass

Jeroen van Schendel: Presentatie Bio4Pack

Link to the report of the Better Biomass event: Report Better Biomass Event



Better Biomass: new name ‘NTA 8080 Approved’ certificate

Certificates issued to companies which produce, trade or process sustainable biomass, based on NTA 8080, are now called ‘Better Biomass’. Anticipating the publication of the revised version of the sustainability standard for biomass, NTA 8080, the certification system has been given a fresh look.

The new name Better Biomass including the new branding and logo is the first step in the update of the certification system. Companies that have obtained the Better Biomass certificate, use this certificate to demonstrate compliance with the sustainability criteria, covering aspects like greenhouse gas reduction, biodiversity, the environment, prosperity and wellbeing.

System update
The sustainability criteria in NTA 8080 and the certification scheme linked to this standard, are currently under revision. The scope is extended to cover sustainability of biomass for application in not only bioenergy but also biobased products. New aspects, including carbon debt, indirect land use change (ILUC) and cascading of biomass, have been taken into account. Publication of the updated version of the certification system is expected in the second half of this year. NEN facilitates this process as an independent manager of certification schemes. Certification is done by certification bodies that are affiliated to the system.

International sustainability certificate
Better Biomass is the international sustainability certificate for all types of biomass, including biofuels, solid and gaseous biomass as well as biobased products later on this year.
The certification system has been recognized by the European Commission for demonstrating compliance with the European sustainability criteria as laid down in the Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC). NTA 8080 is also mentioned in relation to the sustainability criteria for solid biomass as part of the Dutch Energy agreement (Energieakkoord).

More information
More information is available on the new website:
Technical questions can be addressed to Harmen Willemse, phone +31 (0)15 2 690 295, e-mail

Better Biomass: nieuwe naam ‘NTA 8080 Approved’-certificaat

Certificaten die op basis van NTA 8080 worden afgegeven aan bedrijven die duurzame biomassa produceren, verhandelen of verwerken, heten voortaan ‘Better Biomass’. Vooruitlopend op de publicatie van de herziene versie van NTA 8080, de norm met duurzaamheidscriteria voor biomassa, is het bijbehorende certificatiesysteem in een nieuw jasje gestoken.

De nieuwe naam Better Biomass met bijbehorende huisstijl en logo is de eerste stap in het opfrissen van het certificatiesysteem. Bedrijven die het Better Biomass certificaat behaald hebben, tonen hiermee aan dat zij voldoen aan de eisen met betrekking tot onder meer de reductie van broeikasgassen, biodiversiteit, milieu, welzijn en welvaart.

Er wordt op dit moment gewerkt aan de actualisering van de duurzaamheidscriteria in NTA 8080 en het bijbehorende certificatieschema NTA 8081. Het toepassingsgebied wordt uitgebreid, zodat naast duurzaamheid van biomassa van bio-energie ook de toepassing in biobased producten wordt meegenomen. Ook recente thema’s, waaronder koolstofschuld, indirect landgebruiksverandering (ILUC) en cascadering van biomassa zijn hierbij in beschouwing genomen. Publicatie van het vernieuwde certificatiesysteem wordt verwacht in de tweede helft van dit jaar.
NEN begeleidt dit proces als onafhankelijk beheerder van certificatieschema’s. Certificatie gebeurt door certificerende instellingen die bij het systeem zijn aangesloten.

Internationaal duurzaamheidscertificaat
Better Biomass is het internationale duurzaamheidscertificaat voor alle soorten biomassa, zowel biobrandstoffen als vaste en gasvormige biomassa en binnenkort ook biobased producten.
Het certificatiesysteem is erkend door de Europese Commissie om aan te tonen dat wordt voldaan aan de Europese duurzaamheidseisen voor biobrandstoffen die zijn vastgelegd in de Richtlijn Hernieuwbare Energie (2009/28/EG). Ook wordt NTA 8080 genoemd in relatie tot duurzaamheidscriteria voor vaste biomassa als onderdeel van het Energieakkoord.

Meer informatie
Meer informatie is te vinden op de vernieuwde website:
Voor inhoudelijke vragen kunt u contact opnemen met Harmen Willemse, telefoon (015) 2 690 295, e-mail

Indonesian oil palm residue processors pursue NTA 8080 sustainability certification

The awareness in Indonesia about sustainability and, more specifically, the NTA 8080 sustainability certificate has been growing over the last several years. Sustainable Trade and Consulting (STC) is the first company that has initiated certification according to NTA 8080 of its oil palm residue processing facility. This intention to certify has been declared in a Statement of Intent, which STC signed with NEN, the certification scheme manager of NTA 8080. NTA 8080 has been recognized by the EU Commission as RED (Renewable Energy Directive) compliant.

By signing the Statement of Intent, the signatories declare that STC aims to become certified according to NTA 8080, to demonstrate that they perform their operations in a sustainable way. Both STC and NEN consider certification an important step towards production, conversion, trade and usage of sustainable biomass for energy applications.

In partnership with Indonesian environmental consulting firm Forest Carbon, STC has developed a new paradigm for biofuel production in Indonesia by utilizing discarded oil palm fresh fruit bunches (FFBs), a non-food waste stream from smallholder farmers and industrial producers. The processing facility will produce a new bio-oil product called ’High Fatty Acid Crude Palm Oil’ (HFCPO) from pressed waste fruits and recovered sludge oils discarded by the palm oil processing facilities. HFCPO is a substitute for diesel and bunker oil which can be used in power plants and engines.